Take a deep breath.
Raise your shoulders up to your ears then let go, letting your shoulders drop.
OK, now do it again.
Big breath.
Raise your shoulders to your ears then let them go.
If he can do it, so can you.


We get so engrossed while reading the computer screen or so focused when working on getting that brushstroke just right that we just forget to breathe.

So yes, now, right now.

Stand up!
Stand out!
Change your perspective and your relationship to your brush and paper.

Take a cue from Jackson Pollock in action.


Connie Smith Siegel’s Spirit of Drawing is filled with sensory awareness exercises and lots of photographs of artwork done by workshop participants. Plus, she presents samples of  full page spreads so you can take a look inside. Click on this page here to enlarge.


There are many sizes of sets of Caran d’ache watercolor crayons from the basic set of 10 to the glorious set of 126. Hey, Santa, it’s on my list!


Oh, yes, and one more thing…



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