Ways of Seeing

The way we see is the way we have been taught —                                                                              new learning can teach us new ways to see.
This idea was eloquently expressed by John Berger who wrote about it in his seminal book Ways of Seeing that was based on a 1972 BBC TV series. Now thanks to YouTube you can view the entire series.

The thumbnail or quick sketch is a perfect way to use those in between moments when traffic was good and you arrive early for an appointment.  A travel satchel or fanny pack can be put to use to carry some 4″ x 6″ pieces of paper, pencil or charcoal, eraser and a cardboard stump for smudging and blending

The spontaneous and quick is at play. The ideas collected while out and about can be brought home to your work table to be refined or enhanced with a swish of color.

Now is the time- not later.
Get to the essence of the thing- bold moves and fast.
When in doubt simplify.
Say “Yes” often. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

Daylight savings time ends on Sunday November 3. It will be time to turn the clock back one hour and it’s time to change the batteries in your smoke detector.



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