To everything…


To everything there is a season,
 a time for every purpose under the sun.

I had thought it was the Byrds who wrote the hit tune Turn, Turn, Turn.  Pete Seeger in 1950 adapted the words from the Book of Ecclesiastes. In 1965 the Bryds recorded it and it became an international hit. Since then many artists including Judy Collins and even Dolly Parton have sung the song. My attempt to sing  Both Sides Now was not exactly melodic so I will leave it to the Byrds to remind you about the changing of the seasons and the importance of time.



From autumn to winter the seasons turn. The light grows short then full again. Round and round the years go. To everything there is a season…

Many describe the creative process in phrases of seasons — from the planting of the seed, to the growth of summer, to the grand harvest in the fall, finally, to the rest and rejuvenation of winter. The development of my projects follow a similar pattern from the preparation R&D phase of figuring things out, to the incubation with unconscious playful combinations (daydreaming), to the illumination flash of insight and the alignment of ideas finally, to the verification triumph of completion and with it the time to rejuvenate. Each stage requires its own kind of work from the thumbnail sketches of preparation to the letting things simmer during  incubation to maximizing the energy of the illumination to the celebration of the verification.

While we develop our skills as artists we are attuning to the pulse of life and the rhythms of creativity.

For Art that Leaps at Boundaries – an article about David Hockney’s upcoming show at the De Young Museum:

Here is the link to the Winsor Newton product brochure. Relevant to this weeks lesson on glazing, it has valuable information about the transparency and staining properties of their pigments.


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