By Marianne Boruch

My drawing teacher said: Look, think, make a mark.
Look, I told myself.
And waited to be marked.
Clouds are white but they darken
with rain. Even a child blurs them back
to little woolies on a hillside, little
bundles without legs. Look, my teacher
would surely tell me, they’re nothing
like that. Like that: the lie. Like that: the poem.
She said: Respond to the heaviest part
of the figure first. Density is
form. That I keep hearing destiny
is not a mark of character. Like pilgrimage
once morphed to mirage in a noisy room, someone
so earnest at my ear. Then marriage slid.
Mir-aage, Mir-aage, I heard the famous poet let loose
awry into her microphone, triumphant.
The figure to be drawn —
not even half my age. She’s completely
emptied her face for this job of standing still an hour.
Look. Okay. But the little
dream in there, inside the think
that comes next. A pencil in my hand, its secret life
is charcoal, the wood already burnt,
a sacrifice.
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On the Internet you can find many fun fab brushes:

05626-9003-2-2ww-m images IMG_8427

Or take a look in your household junk drawer- you might find a bundle of rubber bands that can be transformed into a paint applicator or a potato masher that can make an interesting pattern:

Homemade Brushes


There are bamboo brushes of all sizes here:
Bamboo Brush_

And for thinking about the power of brush strokes here is a wonderful look at Van Gogh’s.
Talk about bravura…


One thought on “Bravura

  1. You can really see the energy both up close & how it looks on a gallery wall! Perfection is not in each stroke, but in the resulting blend!

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