After my dismal attempt to demonstrate how to draw a ribbon, I have a deeper understanding of the phrase going back to the drawing board. Such a humbling experience to fail so miserably especially when I thought I knew the ribbon exercise backwards and forwards. My thanks to you for being willing to give it a go and figure it out for yourselves; to gain your own understanding of how to made an undulating shape in space.

Daruma is closely associated with a beloved Japanese proverb, “nana korobi yaoki” which means, “Fall down seven times, get up eight”. The Daruma dollʼs unique rounded shape allows it to return to its original position even if knocked over, representing such persistence. Daruma reminds us all to never give up. And in the case of the ribbon exercise, if you fail, fail until you get it right.

So here goes….

Ribbon_IMG_5237     Ribbon_IMG_5238





You may be wondering how to apply this exercise to your own painting.

Here are two lovely examples by Georgia O’Keefe:
Road to the Ranch – Georgia O’Keefe 1964

Winter Road – Georgia O’Keefe 1963

Coming and going the new Bay Bridge is a stunning achievement- not only in the sweep of its sleek skyway and the luminous vertical lines of suspension but also in the feeling of grandeur and openness it brings to the experience of making the crossing.
In Valediction, artists Amanda Hughen and Jennifer Starkweather create collaborative artworks that explore the layers, complexities, and patterns that comprise the Bay Bridge and this feat of engineering. Using both current and historic information, photographs, maps, and data to research a location, the resulting artworks map unique forms and patterns derived from built systems and natural movements of a place. Check out their work here: http://sfelectricworks.com/artists/hughen-starkweather/



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