Every mark we make is our own.

Our personal “style” is already evident in our handwriting.



“An apple a day…” is good advice for the artist. With the harried pace of our lives, it is all too easy to find interruptions and excuses for not having enough time to be creative, to paint. If we can, just once a day, make one small brush stroke on paper or paint just one apple, we are on our way to developing a consistent art practice. Confronting a blank piece of paper with no idea of how to begin can be intimidating. By selecting an object and committing to work with it over time, one will never be at a loss, On days when I have “artists block” I know that I can begin with an apple. The apple becomes a point of departure and opens the door to discovery.

Next week bring whatever watercolor supplies you may have – be it a simple set of colors in a pan or an elaborate palette and brushes. The cost of supplies should not be an impediment to your participation or hamper your creative process. A Prang watercolor set with 8 or 16 colors is a good place to start. And bring a charcoal pencil or # 2.

An expensive piece of paper has been known to induce fear into even the most experienced painter. This class is for experimenting and learning- although you might very well make a masterpiece, that opportunity should not be challenged by the cost.


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